Glen Iris


Kennys Tree and Stump Removal offer the following professional tree services to the residents of Glen Iris.

Tree Pruning Glen Iris

Maintaining your trees health and shape through regular maintenance can greatly reduce the chance of disease and premature limb damage. We can help you keep your trees in great shape!

Tree Removal Glen Iris

Through disease or weather events, sometimes the only safe alternative is to remove your tree completely. At Kenny's Tree and Stump Removal we can help you take care of it safely .

Stump Removal Glen Iris

Old tree stumps can be unsightly an dangerous as well as provide ongoing competition to your other plants. Kenny's Tree and Stump Removal can have that stump gone for good.

Storm Damage Glen Iris

With big weather events increasing in intensity and frequency the chance of property damage from trees is a constant threat. At Kenny's Tree and Stump Removal we are open for extended hours following such events if you need help to secure your property.

Powerlines Cleared Glen Iris

Coming into the warmer months there is a focus on fire safety and fuels around your property. At Kenny's Tree and Stump Removal we can assist keeping a safe distance between your trees and neighbouring powerlines.

Chipping and Mulching Glen Iris

When you have pruned your trees and shrubs there is a quick and easy way to dispose of the green waste. Kenny's Tree and Stump Removal can turn it into mulch for your garden.
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